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MoniSee Self-Powered Touch-Tap Night Light Wireless Doorbell Kit

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

One of the frustrating aspects of wireless doorbells is that their batteries may need to be replaced regularly. If you're looking for a product with long battery life or even no battery at all, you'll like the MoniSee Self-Powered Touch-Tap Night Light Wireless Doorbell Kit.

This modern product has a sleek design, including an illuminated halo on the button and LED strobe alerts on the receiver. Its range is up to 500 feet, and its touch tap night light will illuminate your home's dark nooks and crannies so easily. Plus, this self-generating powered bell push button will last like forever—yup, that's right! You won't need to replace its power source anymore because the button starts up the electricity as soon as you press the transmitter to save money and is more environmentally friendly.

There are more than 52 chimes to choose from, as well as four volume levels, and the button is waterproof, so you can place it outdoors without worrying. Reviewers say it is easy to set up and work reliably, even transmitting through several walls—plus, many say they love the cool modern look of the receiver.

Warm white neutral light with eye-caring anti-blue light LED and matte cover shade producing soft halo, safe for kids & adults. The touch-tap night light feature is ideal for mothers as newborn or infant nursing light, breastfeeding lamp, crib light, baby changing light for diaper-changing, no more bright main lights to wake up your sleeping baby or disrupt other's sleep. An elder's night stand safe light next to bed or children's bedside lamp, toddler night light.

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