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MoniSee Plug-in Wireless Doorbell & Light-Sensitive Nightlight Kit

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

What a combo…a light-sensitive nightlight and wireless doorbell!
A perfect marriage – a plug-in doorbell with a built-in nightlight!

Plug into any standard wall 120 volt outlet and get the benefit of a night light and door chime. When someone rings your front door, the door chime plays one of 52 classic door chime tunes. If that weren't enough, this kit has a range, from transmitter to receiver, of up to 500 ft., making it suitable for any residential application.

Simply plug the receiver into a standard 120 V outlet and mount your door chime button with the included double-sided tape or mounting screws and you are up and running. The chime works flawlessly right out of the box.

This MoniSee Wireless Doorbell Night Light Kit illuminates automatically when it gets dark, making it the perfect solution for hallways needing some extra light. Equipped with an LED night light, the wireless doorbell's light will automatically shut off when light levels increase.

It features volume control, 52 selectable tunes and a wireless push button. Plugging into any standard wall socket, it is compatible with all other MoniSee wireless push buttons, doorbells and alerts.

Plug the Wireless Doorbell Night Light Kit in in hallways or dark areas where you need light to help guide your way.
  • Use where indoor path light or low light is needed

  • Great for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more

  • Syncs with all MoniSee Brand Push Button

  • Plugs into any standard wall socket

  • Adjustable volume control

  • Fifty-two selectable tunes

  • Wireless push button included in kit with battery version or self-generating power version

  • Up to 500 ft. transmission range

  • LED night light with auto on/off sensor

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