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MoniSee Wireless Doorbell Review

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The MoniSee wireless doorbell is a standard, push and go wireless doorbell. It does not have anything fancy, such as video or WiFi integration, but it is great as a basic doorbell.

MoniSee Expandable Wireless Doorbell Alert System

The MoniSee wireless doorbell is available with:

  • 1 Receiver, 1 push button or

  • 2 receivers, 1 push button or

  • Customized add-on extensions.

It is great to have this much choice, especially if you are looking for an expandable wireless doorbell with more than one receiver. This choice needs to be made at the point of purchase.

MoniSee Wireless Doorbell – Details

What You Get In The Kit

  • 1 x push button

  • 1 x plug-in receiver

  • Adhesive Strips

  • 2 x anchors

  • 4 x screws


The advertised distance for the MoniSee wireless doorbell is 500 feet (150m), however, you must remember that there are many obstacles between your wireless doorbell push button and receiver. Walls, doors, other electrical items, and floors will weaken the wireless signal as it passes through them on the way to the receiver.

500 feet in the open air will give you more than enough distance capabilities for a regular size home. And the wireless signal is transmitted on a frequency of 433.92MHZ.



There are 52 different ringtones to choose from!

The tones range from the classic 'ding dong' to more melodic options. Follow the simple instructions in the user manual to pair the device and select your favorite tune.

Of the 52 chimes, you are only likely to like a small amount! If you are like me, you will go through the entire list before settling on the classic 'ding dong'. Having said that, it is nice to have such a wide variety of chimes to choose from.


The volume range is 25dB-100dB which is more than enough volume for a regular size home! The volume can be set using 1 of 4 volume levels.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing then the MoniSee wireless doorbell, along with the LED flash when the button is pressed, needs to be considered.

Whilst there are louder wireless doorbell options (some hitting 125dB!), 100dB is simply loud enough!


There are two things you need to consider when thinking about a weatherproof wireless doorbell.

Waterproof Rating