MoniSee Expandable Wireless Doorbell Alert System

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Whether you use it as doorbell or pager, you will appreciate how the MoniSee Expandable Wireless Doorbell Alert System simplifies your life.

This modern product has a sleek design, including a unique fabric surface, an illuminated halo on the button and LED strobe alerts on the receiver. Its range is up to 500 feet, and it has 52 tones and 4 adjustable volume levels. Plus, the battery on this wireless doorbell will last up to 18 months—yup, that's right! So you won't need to replace its power source any time soon.

You can save yourself a little money on batteries with a product like the MoniSee Expandable Wireless Doorbell Alert System. This simple, highly-rated wireless doorbell kit includes a plug-in receiver that doesn’t require any battery, and its button just needs one lithium coin battery.

If you don't have a porch to provide cover for your doorbell, it's important you get a product that has a waterproof button. The MoniSee Expandable Wireless Doorbell Alert System will stand up to any weather, and as an added bonus, it comes with multiple receivers and transmitters.

This expandable doorbell alert system comes with one button and one plug-in chime with a 500-foot range, and the button is 100 percent waterproof. The doorbell kit takes just minutes to set up. Additionally, the company sells additional buttons and receivers, allowing you to expand your setup if needed.



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