Frequently asked questions

I have a MoniSee Wireless Music Doorbell Kit. Can I replace either the push button or the doorbell with products from the new MoniSee range of wireless doorbells and push buttons?

The new MoniSee wireless doorbells and push buttons are compatible with all MoniSee Base Kit. They can be used to replace or extend your existing doorbell system.

Can I link more than one doorbell to the same push button?

Yes, it is possible to link as many MoniSee wireless doorbells as you wish to a MoniSee push button via adaptive technology. This will allow you to place doorbells in different locations throughout your property. MoniSee wireless doorbells offers kits in this type of configuration with two doorbells and a push button. Please refer to the products available in your country.

Can I link more than one push button to the same doorbell?

Yes. For MoniSee wireless doorbells, they allow up to 20 wireless push buttons to be connected depending on the model. Please refer to the products available in your country.

I have a large property and am concerned that a wireless doorbell may not be suitable. What is the longest wireless range available in the range of MoniSee wireless doorbells?

The longest wireless range available on a MoniSee wireless doorbell is 150m (measured in open field). Note: The wireless range of doorbells is reduced by the materials it must pass through. In addition, metal items such as radiators, mirror backing, or foil backed plaster board situated between the push button and the doorbell can block the signal.

I am looking for a new wireless doorbell. What unique features do MoniSee Wireless Music Doorbells offer?

It is a fantastic option if you are looking for a:

  • Weatherproof wireless doorbell
  • Cold weather wireless doorbell
  • Waterproof wireless doorbell
  • Doorbell of the deaf or hard of hearing

The minimalistic design, multiple chime choice, and loud volume of MoniSee Wireless Music Doorbells is your choice.

I want to be informed if someone is approaching my front door or entering my driveway. What MoniSee doorbell kits are suitable?

MoniSee Wireless Doorbell system offers a wireless external PIR (Passive Infra-Red) motion sensor that can be linked to your existing MoniSee wireless doorbell. Anyone approaching your driveway or front door will trigger the sensor, and in turn cause the doorbell to emit an alert sound. The product codes for these kits are either D051142U or D061143U. Product availability may differ from country to country.

I have UPVC door frames, are the supplied fixings for the push button bracket suitable?

Yes, all push buttons are supplied with countersink screws suitable for wood and UPVC surfaces. For other applications you may need to source suitable screws and wall plugs.

I have metal door frames, are the supplied fixings for the push button bracket suitable?

No. It is not advisable to mount the push button onto metal surfaces as the material can block wireless signals between the push button and the doorbell. However, if this is the only option then we recommend that you use the sticky pad provided as opposed to using the provided screws.

Can I install my push button outside where it gets wet?

Yes, the push button is waterproof (IP56) and is protected from rain showers.