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Change is Everywhere

With the rapid development of technology, the emergence of smart phones has created a new model of communication that has changed the way people live, including the way people communicate, how they get along, and how they interact. It has also changed the relationship between people and changed the operation mode of every country, city, community, and family.

Benefiting from the development of smart technology, all things are transformed into more "intelligence"; the direct impact of smart products on your life is that we must constantly learn new scientific knowledge and learn how to use smart technology to use smart products to improve the quality of life. The rapid development of intelligent technology and complex applications has become farther way from our real life. We couldn’t help but wondering, how to make people more comfortable and easier to use technology?


Let Technology Stay Close to Human Life

With years of experience in professional technology applications such as wireless technology, detection sensors, energy saving and low power consumption, we have accumulated a strong R&D design experience.

From commercial applications to consumer electronics, we listen to the needs and problems of every consumers; meanwhile, we address and meet the needs and problems of our customers.

The affirmation of customers and consumers, and the application needs of products, let us firmly believe that we should create a product and brand that is closer to the daily life of consumers, and we should establish a better organization and system to serve the customers.


The Concept of Our Product Development

MoniSee is comprised of a team of designers, engineers, and experts with more than a decade of experience in consumer electronics, security, and smart technology applications. We aim to integrate a variety of electronic technologies to turn complex electronic products into “simple” everyday essentials that are closer to your everyday life.

  • Fashionable lifestyle product design.

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Give up the impractical electronic application function.

  • Provide affordable, cost-effective products to satisfy consumers.


Under such a concept and innovative application, MoniSee has been planning for three years to launch a variety of cost-effective detection sensors for family life, novel and stylish doorbells, elderly care alarms, remote cameras, video doorbells and other energy-saving home life smart series products.


A Warm and Safe Home

"A warm and safe home" is a simple and basic desire in everyone's heart. Keeping technology close to a warm and safe home is also the basic pursuit of our group. It is the goal that the team pursues by providing its own professional scientific knowledge and skills as simple and convenient products to consumers. We are very excited to contribute and play the role of a bridge.

With more technology products that are close to human life, the MoniSee brand is dedicated to make technology close to the promise of “a warm and safe home”.

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